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 Isaiah “Izzy” Wells

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Isaiah Wells


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Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub_rosa ... or just Sub is fine

In Character
Name: Isaiah “Izzy” Wells
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Halfblood
House: Ravenclaw
School: Hogwarts
Career: Healer at St. Mungo’s


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: David and Aaliyah Wells
Grandparents: Owen and Alexandria Wells; Julio and Basira Mendoza
Siblings: Omar (39), Reuben (34) and Melissa (30)
Aunts & Uncles: Glenn and Owen Wells; Hugo and Sarita Mendoza
Nieces & Nephews: TBA
Cousins: TBA
Children: None yet
Grandkids: None yet

Skin color: Medium Tan
Hair Color: Dark
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Dark Hazel
Size: 5’ 9”
Build: Average

Crushes: None yet, that he’s aware of
Mates/Spouse: Rosalyn Mills
Status: Divorced; Available

-How I act-

Isaiah, or “Izzy” as he doesn’t mind others calling him, is a down to earth kind of guy. He is the type who doesn’t hesitate to help or say hello to a stranger. One could describe the space in which he lives or works as pleasant or peaceful... for the man strives to be both of these things, most of the time. One could say he “wears his thoughts on his sleeve”... firstly because he tends to mumble to himself, and secondly because he has never mastered the ability to keep his facial expressions neutral. In contrast to Izzy’s peaceful side, he does have the tendency to speak his mind... whether or not his opinions will spark controversy or argument.

When a situation does not involve Isaiah, he does his best work at attempting to resolve the problem in a diplomatic fashion. If a situation is personal he is not so good at being diplomatic and will favor any biases or preconceived notions he has. This is especially true when it involves someone Isaiah loves. Towards friends, family, and loved ones, Isaiah will do everything he can for them... occasionally even if he is asked to do something that isn’t necessarily moral or entirely legal. Unfortunately, when it comes to these types of people, Isaiah has a hard time saying no unless it pertains to his work.

Although Isaiah does not have children of his own, he is great with interacting with them. As a Healer at St. Mungo’s, Izzy makes it a priority to attempt to visit the children’s wards to entertain them... though he is not a pediatrician.

When Isaiah is less-than-pleased, it is similarly apparent. As stated before: Izzy wears his thoughts on his sleeve. However, he is not the type to become physically/magically violent unless he is physically/magically provoked. He can become quite vocal about his displeasure – going so far as to resort to sarcasm and passive-aggression.

By the same token, Isaiah’s darker side tends to be quiet and sullen... especially when confronted with a situation he doesn’t want to deal with or fears he will somehow make worse. If he is forced to confront such a thing he has a tendency to snap or lash out at the person confronting him, or do his best to avoid the situation altogether in full retreat.

Overall Isaiah is a guy with a big heart – a loyal and generous friend. It doesn’t take long before he feels comfortable around a new person, and he has a laid back attitude by default. Just don’t ask him why he spends so much off-duty time still at the hospital...


Your Story Please?
Isaiah is the second born child of David and Aaliyah Wells. He was born premature and required corrective procedures that prolonged his stay at St. Mungo’s. Healers told David and Aaliyah that it was likely Isaiah would suffer digestive problems throughout his life. What the medical staff weren’t able to predict was just how sickly and accident prone the baby would become once grown into a child. Isaiah was in and out of the hospital so frequently that the Healers and nurses knew the family by sight.

It was a favorite nurse who had inspired Isaiah to want to become a healer. Every time that particular nurse would visit his hospital room she would explain what she was there to do, answered every question with almost saintly patience, noticeably listened to whatever he had to say, offered comfort if he was scared or upset, kept him laughing with jokes, and made sure he was entertained with puzzles and games. For the longest time, Isaiah told anyone who would listen that this was what he wanted to do when he grew up.

During Isaiah’s early years as a student of Ravenclaw at Hogwarts, he still retained that air of being awfully accident-prone. His immune system received something of a boost as he wasn’t quite as sickly during these years... though he inevitably caught at least one bout of cold when the season for it came around. Instead of joining the Quidditch team in his third year – after a particularly horrendous accident at tryouts – Isaiah instead took up a student job in the Hospital Wing. In his later years at Hogwarts the accident-prone nature of his youth vanished, but that still didn’t encourage him to try out for Quidditch again. Though Isaiah enjoyed watching the sport he wasn’t fond of the thoughts of injuries that could be sustained on the field.

Isaiah finished his schooling at Hogwarts as earning the third-highest marks. From there he immediately interned at a small teaching-hospital. Isaiah had desperately wanted a job at Saint Mungo’s, but they weren’t hiring interns who were fresh from school at the time he had applied. Isaiah earned his license to practice medical magic after several years at the teaching-hospital, as well as certification to administer complementary muggle medicine to those that may wish to attempt such methods. In short order after this, Isaiah’s academic counselor at the teaching-hospital arranged for his transfer to Saint Mungo’s as a bona-fide Healer. But this wasn’t the only major change in his life at that time.

Isaiah met a witch named Rosalyn Mills in the hall on their daily rounds at the teaching-hospital. He fell hard and fast for her, and proposed after a year and a half of dating. They were married during the summer of the following year, immediately following the successful completion of their annual examinations.

When Isaiah and Rosalyn both finished their training, their occupations led them in different directions. Isaiah still sorely wanted to work for Saint Mungo’s and took his academic counselor’s offer of arranging a transfer. Rosalyn wanted to stay at the teaching-hospital to train the next generation of Healers entering the workforce. The difference in vocational opinion only served to strengthen their bond: Isaiah admired Rosalyn for staying on to teach. Isaiah wasn’t certain he had the fortitude to do the same.

The only thing Isaiah did not like about transferring to Saint Mungo’s is that he had to build his reputation from the ground up once again, despite the plethora of good grades, successes, and awards earned at the teaching-hospital. He learned within his first week there that a big-name hospital did not feel any more or less real than the small teaching-hospital where he gained his medical education. Both had their emergency alarms, and smelled of the same heavy-duty magical cleaner. With the help of a decent team of nurses, Isaiah fit in well at the hospital and continued to maintain an excellent successful treatment rate.

Five years into Isaiah’s budding medical career, chaos struck. A patient arrived from the scene of a terrible splinching accident. Isaiah assisted the wizard-surgeons to repair the damage and administered the first round of blood-replenishing potions once everything was properly reattached. Unfortunately the experience of getting splinched sent the patient into such a thorough state of shock that Isaiah could not revive the man. This was the first time Isaiah had truly lost a patient, and it disturbed him.

The remainder of that fateful shift was a long and tiring one. In the back of his mind he reflected on just how dangerous apparition was – how splinching was a highly probable and very real risk if one’s mind wasn’t entirely focused on the task. Isaiah floo-called his wife to tell her he would be flying home that night, and that he would explain why when he got home.

Instead of arriving home Isaiah found himself in a hospital bed the next morning with no idea how he had gotten there, but that he was in a lot of pain. His wife had fallen asleep in the chair beside him, and Isaiah woke her to ask if this was just some bad dream. Unfortunately, it wasn’t: he had gotten into a broom accident on the way home: a head-on collision with two other wizards that had had too much to drink. Isaiah’s fellow healers had patched him up and discharged before the week was out.

For a long time after that, Isaiah’s sole means of transportation was the floo network.

Three years later, trouble started cropping up in Isaiah’s and Rosalyn’s marital paradise. Unfortunately there was nothing magical about these issues: children, money, division of housework, in-laws (particularly as babysitters for impending children), and the list went on. Sometimes they would even argue regarding each other’s small quirks as the most annoying habits on the planet. Isaiah would never admit to deliberately setting the stage for a confrontational battle, as confrontation is not something he deals with very well, but some of the things they argued about were undeniably his fault.

Isaiah had thought they could resolve their differences up until the day Rosalyn dropped paperwork for divorce into his lap. It came as a complete and unpleasant surprise to him for he had been doing his share of the housework and thought they had resolved at least some of their money issues. Isaiah’s first instinct once left alone with this stack of paper was to avoid it at all costs. He didn’t want to see it or touch it. He also avoided Rosalyn for most of that day as well in case she decided to ask him if he had completed it yet. As days turned into weeks Rosalyn tried to reason with Isaiah about why she felt divorce was the best option, but Isaiah would walk away from the conversation the moment it started.

After six months, Isaiah couldn’t delay the paperwork any longer. The way he and Rosalyn were living wasn’t truly living anymore – they were more like roommates than husband and wife. It made Isaiah miserable to come home every night to a home where the one person he wanted to see most wanted nothing more than for him to sign his papers so they could be done with the now-farce of a marriage they were in. Isaiah didn’t want to let go. He only relented when Rosalyn gave the smallest of hints that she would take the matter to a lawyer if she had to. The only good thing about the whole fiasco was that with the both of them in the healing profession there was no need to make arrangements for paying alimony: each of them made enough money to live on with their own individual salaries.

Three long years passed since the divorce. Some days are harder than others for Isaiah’s reinstated bachelorhood, but overall things seem to have returned to a sense of normalcy. Now, a Dark Lord has gained a considerable amount of power – enough power to start a Wizarding War at this rate. The hospital has become busier than ever with the influx of wounded on both sides of the conflict. Further still, Isaiah has begun to experience an odd array of symptoms he cannot diagnose or explain... but whatever is causing said symptoms can’t be good – especially in the midst of war.

Magic Specialty Healing Arts
Favorite Spell: Episkey

-Other information-

- Several food allergies and intolerances (wheat, seafood, bananas, avocados... former peanut allergy)
- Wants to be liked... which occasionally makes him the target of manipulation
- Doesn’t tolerate pain very well
- Addictive personality (Also read: obsessive)

- Loyal
- Hard-working
- Compassionate
- Protective of patients and loved ones

- Socialization: talking, debating, telling jokes, playing games
- Coffee – Isaiah is addicted to coffee
- Muggle “magic” tricks – both performing and watching them
- Ramen noodles

- Being alone when he doesn’t want solitude
- Being manipulated
- Seeing others (being or beast) in pain or mistreated
- Confrontation

Favorite Color: Teal

Worst Fear:

Theme song: It’s My Life by Bon Jovi
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Isaiah “Izzy” Wells
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