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 Amelia Marcus

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Amelia Marcus


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Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Cass or Kiara
Gender: Female
Other Characters: TBA

In Character

Name: Amelia Marcus
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Half Blood
School: Hogwarts


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Jason and Lilian Marcus
Grandparents: TBA
Siblings: Alexander(15), Aidan (13)
Aunts & Uncles: TBA
Nieces & Nephews: TBA
Cousins: TBA
Children: TBA
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Light
Hair Color: Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Blue
Size: 4,9
Build: Scrawny


Crushes: None at the moment
Mates/Spouse: Too young
Status: Too young

-How I act-


Amelia doesn't have a mean bone in her little body, treats everyone like they are her friend already and would readily give them her loyalty without a second thought. She is perhaps too trusting with others and too used to being protected by her parents and brothers. She is very naive and not used to dealing with hostile or ill meaning people. She is very loyal to her friends and would do anything for them from keeping secrets to being there for them when in need of a friend. This is difficult for her when 2 friends need her for something her loyalty is stuck between her friends, in this conflict she has been known to get quite upset with herself.

She is quite curious about the world around her however and is always trying to poke around and learn things. Especially in place she shouldn't be or asking questions that are really none of her business. It is not that she tries to be nosey or make others uncomfortable is just she is curious and doesn't really think it will hurt anyone if she asks. She doesn't want to hurt anyone so if told she doesn't need to know that information she will respect it.. even though it won't help her curiosity.

If she is ever caught doing something wrong and gets in trouble for she tends to panic a little. She has problems dealing with people being mad at her and often cries and pleads with the one mad to forgive her. She doesn't see this display as manipulation, is merely her honest reaction to being disciplined.

When not off exploring or getting into trouble Amelia is a good student and just about always gets her homework done well and handed in on time. After homework she loves playing games, hide and seek, soccer, and frisbee. She also loves watching Quidditch even though she had not flown a broom before. Needless to say she is excited to learn at Hogwarts.  She is a fast learning when it comes to academic studies and picks up  topic and subjects quickly in class. Can sometime act like a teacher's pet or a know it all  without intending to. Although her emotions have distracted from paying attention sometimes.

Doesn't really have any pet peeves yet nor any desires or plan for the future she hopes to figure the ladder out as she grows up.



Amelia was born to Jason and Lilian Marcus, her Father is Pub manager and works full time. Her mother Lilian is a writer and spends her time at home writing when their kids are all taken care of and off to school. She has two older brothers Alexander and Aidan, Alex is 15 and Aidan is 13, both are rather protective of her though neither would admit. Alex teases her more then Aidan, but is also more likely to fight anyone who is mean to her. Aidan is the quiet one of them and more content to read a book then then anything else. Her parents make a decent living and usually don't need or want for anything, it has left the 3 kids quite spoiled, and live fairly sheltered lives, Amelia in particular.

Amelia was born in the Featherstone Hospital, she was 6 weeks early and barely made it to the delivery room and had to spend a few days in the NIC before her parents could take her home. As a baby Amelia got a lot of attention by her parents despite her brothers being rambunctious little boys, her mother had always wanted a little girl and weather it was intentional or not she favored her little girl. Her father Jason had always wanted boys but she still had him wrapped around her little finger whenever he was near her. If her Brothers were jealous they didn't show it, Alex was always playing tricks with his sister and dressed her up in a teddy bare costume once put her in with her stuffed animals when she was sleeping. Aparently found it hilarious when their mother couldn't find her and he got in trouble for the joke. Aiden found his sister fascinating and often just played with her for a few minutes when he could simply watched her as she tried to figure what game they were playing.

As she got older and went to school she started to make friends quickly, yet unlike at home she also made a few enemies to on the playground that always sent her off crying. Her brother Alex ended up watching over her at school and teaching the bullies who were picking on her a lesson. However this got Alex in trouble with the school and with many parents of the kids he taught a lesson to, he then had to serve many recess and lunch break in detention. It worked however, all the kids that picked on his sister didn't bother her again.

As she got a little older her parents allowed her a lot of freedom to go where she pleased in their small town to play with friends and her brothers as long she did well in school. So that was what she did, she did her homework everyday and as soon as it was done she was out the door on her to go and play with her friends whether to get ice cream, play in the park, or sneaking off somewhere they know they are not supposed to go, they usually never got caught. Now she is excited to join her two brothers at Hogwarts and imagines great adventures a head.

-Other information-

-Overly Curious
-Doesn't React well to Conflict
-Lets her emotions control her
-Sometime can't understand something is rude until it is to late
-Very Loyal
-Hard working
-Talking to other
-Playing Games
-Being in trouble
-Being yelled at
-Being stuck between Loyalties
Favorite Color: Purple
Worst Fear: She will make such a huge mistake unforgivable mistake no one will like her any more.
Theme song:(optional: A song the inspires your character)
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Amelia Marcus
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