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If you haven't registered yet, simply decide on a Original Character name first and register. If you want to play a canon character you may still do so of course. But you will need to make an OC first.

Be sure to check the forum rules section and then the character creation area to get started.

Hope to chat with you soon,
Love ya's

AU Harry Potter Universe; The First war was never ended and still continuing as Voldemort never paid then Potter a visit that fateful night. All Canon Character Available
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 The Rules - Please Read

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PostSubject: The Rules - Please Read   Fri Jun 05, 2015 2:27 pm

The Forum Rules

Thank you for reading

1.) Be polite, in OOC and in the chat, if you have a problem with someone PM them or the Moderators to sort it out. Any Verbal abuse of other members will not be tolerated. If caught in a OOC fight by moderator or Admin will result in Suspension or Banning.

2.) Romance in RP is allowed, however don't write out in detail that you wouldn't do in public. Or as a rule of thumb No Cyber Sex

3.) You are allowed to create up to 5 characters without a posting limit, however after 5 character if you wish to make more All characters after need at least 20 posts each before you can make another. This is the same rule if you want to make 7 8 or 9 characters all must have at least 20 Posts.

4.) NO GOD-MODDING (When one player controls another players actions) unless, given explicit permission by the creator for the character.

5.) The English you use has to maintain a moderate sense of sophistication. In other words, please refrain from using shortcuts like "btw, u, ur, thnx", etc in role playing. (In chat this IS allowed)

6.) NO CHARACTER IS PERFECT. Realistically, we all have flaws. No Mary-Jane behavior will be tolerated, pick flaws for your character and stick to them.

7.) Your Main username Must be your Characters name, only Moderators and Admin may have one none character Admin account. You may have multi-characters on one account if you prefer. You may also make a character per account it is up to you.

8.) Please pick a Celebrity to represent your character.
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The Rules - Please Read
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